Information About EXP

Watching TV & Controlling Live TV

Just press the LIVE TV button on the remote at anytime to go to your broadcasted channels. You can also PAUSE, REWIND, and watch the action in SLOW MOTION.

TiVo Suggestions

TiVo Suggestions will find and automatically record shows that will interest you based on the THUMBS UP® or THUMBS DOWN® ratings you give any show.

Creating WishLists

TiVo allows you to create search criteria to find content on any channel you receive — and it keeps on searching for as long as you keep the WishList search.

Setting Parental Controls

You can set parental controls to manage the access your family has to content by program ratings, locking specific channels or even preventing viewing of recorded content. Just go to the TiVo Central screen and select Settings & Messages then click Parental controls.

Finding Shows and Movies

The TiVo service searches upcoming TV shows and movies, web videos, Video On Demand, and more, all at the same time. You can even search for a particular channel by its network name or call sign (such as NBC or ESPN). Go to the TiVo Central screen, select Find TV, Movies, & Videos to begin search.

OnePass Manager and Recordings

The OpenPass Manager prioritizes all your repeating recordings and lets you manage conflicts and set options. Use the To Do List to view all your scheduled recordings.